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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version
35Unagi Compositing ManagerBugNewHighPainting issue with the background wallpaper on startupArnaud Fontaine02/15/2012 09:41 PMCore
26Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementClosedHighOptimize window repainting areaArnaud Fontaine01/14/2012 02:15 PMCoreUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.3
25Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementClosedHighOptimize processing of DamageNotify events by repainting completely a window if most of it has been damagedArnaud Fontaine01/14/2012 02:15 PMCoreUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.3
24Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementClosedLowDo not display warnings needlesslyArnaud Fontaine01/14/2012 02:15 PMCoreUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.3
23Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementClosedNormalOptimize painting for rectangular windowsArnaud Fontaine01/14/2012 02:15 PMRenderingUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.3
22Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementNewNormalDo not paint windows behind an opaque windowArnaud Fontaine02/07/2012 01:06 PMCoreUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.4
21Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementClosedNormalRandR support for refresh rateArnaud Fontaine02/05/2012 10:12 AMCoreUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.3
19Unagi Compositing ManagerBugClosedNormalNon-rectangular windows are not handled properlyArnaud Fontaine09/28/2011 11:09 AMCoreUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.2
16Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementClosedNormalAvoid defining XDG_CONFIG_DIRS when the configuration file is not in /etc/xdgArnaud Fontaine02/15/2010 02:27 PMCoreUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.2
10Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementClosedNormalImprove plugin configurationArnaud Fontaine02/28/2014 03:26 AMCore
9Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementClosedNormalExposé plugin is quite slowArnaud Fontaine01/30/2014 08:31 AMPluginUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.4
8Unagi Compositing ManagerEnhancementClosedHighAvoid repainting the whole screenArnaud Fontaine09/16/2011 09:15 AMCoreUnagi Compositing Manager - 0.2

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