Bug #37

Expose plugin does not return

Added by Thomas Koch over 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Once I've pressed F12 (which is undocumented, looked in the code) and the expose drawed nicely, there's no way to get back other then killing unagi from an ssh session. I tried pressing F12 again, Escape, mouse klicks, CTRL-C, MOD-SHIFT-C (awesome binding to close clients).

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Revision e8929dda (diff)
Added by Arnaud Fontaine over 9 years ago

Support D-Bus, useful mainly for Expose plugin for now (closes #37).

Before, Expose plugin could be enabled only by pressing F12 key set in the
source code. Supporting D-Bus has the following advantages:

  • Could be used even for the core such as exiting the program (implemented in
    this commit) or restart the program.
  • Shortcuts for this or entering Expose can be set in WM configuration
    directly, no need to do WM's job of setting the shortcuts on the Root
    Windows (and all other Windows to make sure it is not caught there).

Also, set key to quit Expose to Escape after entering Expose as GrabKeyboard
is issued (this could have been done with D-Bus but it would mean more
complicated shortcuts, thus less user-friendly), in the future, in the
configuration file).



Updated by Arnaud Fontaine over 11 years ago

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Well, the expose plugin is currently quite buggy and that's why it is not enabled by default. The next release (0.4) will fix this kind of bugs and improve performances for this plugin.


Updated by Arnaud Fontaine over 9 years ago

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