Unagi 0.3

Added by Arnaud Fontaine over 9 years ago

Unagi 0.3 has just been released. This release brings many performance improvements compared to 0.2. It is available there:

Many thanks to Gaël Le Mignot for the implementation of btree, and Marc Dequènes and Laurent Ollagnier for their extensive tests.


Added by jorge perez over 9 years ago

what is the git repository i em using git://
and it does not have a configure file only a
also when i was trying to buld before this version
in ubuntu one of the packages i think libxcb-render-utils-dev
has been replaced by libxcb-utils-dev and i had an error could not find in path
or something i would recreate but there is no configure file in my git clone
configure: error: Package requirements (
) were not met:

No package 'xcb-renderutil' found

in this build the error is diffrent
configure: error: Package requirements (libxdg-basedir >= 1.0.0 libconfuse xcb >= 1.8 xcb-proto >= 1.6 xcb-composite xcb-xfixes xcb-damage xcb-randr xcb-ewmh xcb-event xcb-aux xcb-keysyms) were not met:

Requested 'xcb >= 1.8' but version of XCB is 1.7
No package 'xcb-randr' found

but i happen to know that i have those packages and dont know how to change PKG_CONFIG_PATH