Unagi 0.3

Added by Arnaud Fontaine over 12 years ago

Unagi 0.3 has just been released. This release brings many performance improvements compared to 0.2. It is available there:

Many thanks to Gaël Le Mignot for the implementation of btree, and Marc Dequènes and Laurent Ollagnier for their extensive tests.


Added by jorge perez over 12 years ago

what is the git repository i em using git://
and it does not have a configure file only a
also when i was trying to buld before this version
in ubuntu one of the packages i think libxcb-render-utils-dev
has been replaced by libxcb-utils-dev and i had an error could not find in path
or something i would recreate but there is no configure file in my git clone
configure: error: Package requirements (
) were not met:

No package 'xcb-renderutil' found

in this build the error is diffrent
configure: error: Package requirements (libxdg-basedir >= 1.0.0 libconfuse xcb >= 1.8 xcb-proto >= 1.6 xcb-composite xcb-xfixes xcb-damage xcb-randr xcb-ewmh xcb-event xcb-aux xcb-keysyms) were not met:

Requested 'xcb >= 1.8' but version of XCB is 1.7
No package 'xcb-randr' found

but i happen to know that i have those packages and dont know how to change PKG_CONFIG_PATH