Unagi 0.3.1

Added by Arnaud Fontaine about 11 years ago

Unagi 0.3.1 has just been released. This minor release fixes several build issues and also displays ARGB windows properly (such as synapse, gnome volume and brightness applets). It is available there:


Added by flo stoeffelmayr about 11 years ago

have tried compiling it in ubuntu precise: gives same message as jorge reports for 0.3:

No package 'xcb-randr' found

I then took the package from debian, which works quite nicely (I am using openbox by the way), until I bring my guake window to front, then it segfaults => bug report..

Added by flo stoeffelmayr about 11 years ago

btw, what would be the keyboard shortcut to activate exposee? I cannot find any information about that, do I have to define that on the config file?

Added by flo stoeffelmayr almost 11 years ago

ok seems like it is hardcoded to F12 for now..