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closed not accepting --disable-debug correctly

Added by Richard Grenville over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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When trying to create an ebuild for unagi, we found unagi's configure script would enable debugging options if '--disable-debug' is passed to it. (It's Jess Haas who initially discover it.)

Further inspection reveals that in AC_ARG_ENABLE is misused. I guess I couldn't describe the problem very well, since my English is not that good, but the cause of this problem could be found here: (Please search for "The most common mistake" on the page. )

My patch to fix the issue:

Original Gentoo bug:

By the way I personally could not get unagi working on fvwm even though fvwm is (supposed to be?) ICCCM & EWMH compliant. Probably it has something to do with my configuration. After starting unagi all my windows would vanish, with tons of "DamageNotify" messages.

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Thank you very much for your patch. I have just applied it. Could you please open a separate bug for fvwm issue? I will give it a try soon and try to fix it... Normally, you should have nothing to configure from Unagi point of view (besides enabling opacity plugin in the configuration file), so there is definitely something wrong.

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Updated by Arnaud Fontaine over 12 years ago

BTW, I think I will release a 0.3.1 as there has been some build and rendering fixes. Could you please let me know if you have any issue with the ebuild using git version beforehand? (as you rightly pointed out, I don't know autotools so well so I may have made another mistake ;-))

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Updated by Richard Grenville over 12 years ago

Thanks for fixing it.

I wrote an ebuild for the git version and it appears working flawlessly. Building with HTML doc and the debugging option work correctly, too. It's attached in the Gentoo bug report if you need it.

I'm trying to file a bug report about the fvwm issue right now.


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