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10:45 AM Unagi Compositing Manager Bug #17 (Assigned): expose ignores window shape (and most likely "real" transparency"
If you open xeyes and press F12, behind the xeyes window there is a scaled down version of the background image.
Uli Schlachter
10:35 AM Unagi Compositing Manager Enhancement #9: Exposé plugin is quite slow
Arnaud Fontaine wrote:
> Exposé plugin is quite slow for now as it takes several seconds before showing up the Expos...
Uli Schlachter


03:57 PM Unagi Compositing Manager Bug #14 (Closed): Random (?) crashes with map notifies
I open awesome's and move my mouse around wildly. After a couple of attempts, valgrind tells me:... Uli Schlachter
03:16 PM Unagi Compositing Manager Enhancement #11 (Closed): Speed up
At least this line isn't required, because of AC_PROG_CC_C99:... Uli Schlachter

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